The Agile Coach: “Establishing Trust”

Where it all happened

You’ve been patient, and I appreciate it. Here’s your reward: the second episode of The Agile Coach, entitled “Establishing Trust.” (Oh, wait—if you only follow my blogging here, this is the first you’ve heard of the podcast. No matter; the first episode was all about introducing ourselves, and if you want to listen to that one, just visit iTunes and download it. This time, though, we start getting meaty.)

In a little over 20 minutes, we—Skip Angel and Michael Tardiff—explore how an Agile coach establishes trust with those she or he is trying to help…and what can happen when that trust is lost. We tell stories of our successes and a few failures in this crucial aspect of coaching…and we barely scratch the surface of the subject. You can expect future episodes on different dimensions of trust.

Getting out the second episode of the podcast (the first one with real content), was trickier than we thought. Some unexpected travel forced us to try a “double-ender,” where the two of us, separated by 3,272 miles yet joined by the Internets, each record our own high-quality audio while watching and listening to each other using Skype. (The picture above is of the “studio” I set up in my childhood bedroom to record my end of the show.) To our astonishment, it worked, although not without a few complications and a bit of variable audio quality. We’re learning, and we expect that not distance, nor rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night will stay this podcast from its appointed schedule in the future.

Some of you have written to tell us you listened to and liked Episode 1, which was pretty content-free, really. If you liked Episode 1, you’ll love Episode 2. For the rest of you who are a bit harder to please…try Episode 2. You’ll like it. Let us know what you think, because that’s what makes all this work. Tell us what worked, what didn’t, and what you want to hear in the upcoming episodes by sending us a message

We think we’ve worked out the syndication issues, and we’re now on iTunes: search for “The Agile Coach” or just click here.

We promise that Episode 3 will come along a lot sooner than this one followed the first!

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