About Time

The right time means a lot.

I’ve set all my device clocks, and one large digital LCD one, to London time. So my phone, laptops, iPad, Apple Watch—they’re all telling me right now that it’s 15:00.

This idea is, again, inspired by Somewhere In Time, in which the aspiring time-traveler changes his haircut, dress, decor, everything external to take him into the place he wants so desperately to be.

If you’re communicating with me, your devices may notice the time on my devices, and infer my location. But that’s part of this experiment: let’s see if we can break the connection between location and local time.

Speaking of local time, there have been attempts to establish a “world time,” where every clock in the world would show the same hours. What would vary would be what one does at one’s locality. I’m experimenting with that idea, reframed.

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