Out of the Crisis

This is an opportunity.

You can turn the Current Crisis into a learning, developing, and growing journey, and even improve what you’ve done before.

Seth Godin expounds at length on this topic here.

Me, this CVcrap™️ has lead me further along my path to reach out to and join with others not in my close circle and immediate vicinity. If you’re one of my friends, you know that I say more, do more, and actually care more, at least as far as you can tell, if you’re around or with me often.

I dislike admitting this, but it’s all too true. And I think I’m a heel, as they used to say, or an ass, as they say now, for doing this–NOT doing things—with those I love who are far away from my self-centered self.

Thus, my attempt to live and work in London whilst my body exists in Seattle…except it’s more than that. I am trying to be present there and here both, not to be one place or the other.

Follow me if you want to see what I learn.


  1. titanium9@me.com

    Hi Michael,

    From one of those long lost friends… no one thinks you are a heel. Agile recommends co-location for a reason. Everyone communicates, works, or plays better in person, for lots of reasons.
    Now that social distancing has replaced co-location the playing ground has been leveled: you’re equally as likely to get together in person with your next door neighbor as someone on the other side of the planet. It makes sense that we might reconsider who our friends really are. Or at least which friends are better at distance communications.

    Dave Jacopille – Boston

    • Michael J. Tardiff

      David: You are actually one of the long-lost friends who came to mind when I was thinking of people I really like and whom I’ve neglected…but you weren’t the one who made me wonder if I was seen as a heel. That was probably just my own self-protective abnegation: “I’ll criticize myself before anyone else beats me to it!”

      And you’re right. These days especially, I might be more likely to “reach out” than before, although the telephone and letters have been around a long time before Internet and email, and it’s not like I’m showering people with calls, mails, and texts. Still, I am at heart powered by people, and I while I still constantly prove the adage, “Out of sight, out of mind,” this living-in-London-at-distance experiment will be a fabulous test of my ability to disprove that one can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

      For those who read comments…contact David and ask him about his wonderful paper called, “Robots Are People Too!”

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